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EPD-RIV1 is a system of programs to perform one-dimensional dynamic hydraulic and water quality simulations. The computational model is based upon the CE-QUAL-RIV1 model developed by the U.S. Army Engineers Waterways Experiment Station (WES). This modeling system was developed for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Dr. Roy Burke III, Program Manager and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IV, Dr. Jim Greenfield.

EPD-RIV1 is a one-dimensional (cross-sectionally averaged) hydrodynamic and water quality model. It consists of two parts, a hydrodynamic code which is typically applied first, and a quality code.  The hydraulic information, produced from application of the hydrodynamic model, is saved to a file which is read by, and provides transport information to, the quality code when performing quality simulations.  


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