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Enviropak is a combustion calculator and incinerator design software package.

The main features of the software are:

  • Large database of compounds
  • User-defined mixtures
  • Streams can be any combination of compounds and mixtures
  • Composition can be specified by weight or mole fraction
  • User specifies fuel/waste flowrate, excess air, heat losses, combustor dimensions
  • Output gives combustion gas analyses, combustion temperature, combustor residence time, gas flowrates
  • Destruction efficiency can be estimated for selected compounds as function of combustion temperature and residence time
  • New compounds can be defined and Enviropak offers a range of estimation methods for important properties
  • User may use any combination of US and Metric properties


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To facilitate TMDL analysis and watershed planning, WARMF was developed under sponsorship from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as a decision support system for watershed management. The system provides a road map to calculate TMDLs for most conventional pollutants (coliform, TSS, BOD, nutrients). It also provides a road map to guide stakeholders to reach consensus on an implementation plan. The scientific basis of the model and the consensus process have undergone several peer reviews by independent experts under EPA guidelines. WARMF is now compatible with the data extraction and watershed delineation tools of EPA BASINS. WARMF is organized into five (5) linked modules under one, GIS-based graphical user interface (GUI). It is a very user friendly tool suitable for expert modelers as well as general stakeholders.

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 What Does EPI Suite ™ Do?
• The EPI (Estimation Programs Interface) EPI Suite™ is a Windows® based suite of physical/chemical property and environmental fate estimation models developed by the EPA’s Office of Pollution Prevention Toxics and Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC). EPI Suite uses a single input to run the following estimation models: KOWWIN™, AOPWIN™, HENRYWIN™, MPBPWIN™, BIOWIN™, BioHCWIN, PCKOCWIN™, WSKOWWIN™, WATERNT™, BCFWIN™, HYDROWIN™, KOAWIN and AEROWIN™, and the fate models STPWIN™, WVOLWIN™, and LEV3EPI™. EPI Suite was previously called EPIWIN.
• EPI Suite is a screening level tool and should not be used if representative measured values are available.
• A clear understanding of the estimation methods and their appropriate application is very important. Click on the Help tab in EPI Suite for information for the methods and models in EPI Suite.


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