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This program include 150 quizzes on capital cities, 120 quizzes on chemistry and the periodic table, 20 picture quizzes on astronomy, and 10 questions about the speed of light for middle and high school students.

If you remember what color litmus paper turns in the presence of acids, you might get a kick out of 300 Science Quizzes for Middle and High School Students. Despite the name, this program presents 28 interesting and challenging quizzes in astronomy, chemistry, and geography, with a Speed of Light quiz tossed in. That's 300 questions in all. Instead of installing the program, you directly download the executable file, so remember where you put it. The program itself runs in an Internet Explorer window. The About button leads to a link for an author's guide to writing your own quizzes, which take a modified XML format. Memory usage is surprisingly high at 12MB, although it's still acceptable. Also, we would like bigger pictures on the astronomy sections. Finally, after you retake a quiz using the Play Again button, you can only return to the main menu, not that category. Those issues dwindle when compared to the excellent content and good presentation of 300 Science Quizzes for Middle and High School Students.

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