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What is DSS/IPC?

DSS/IPC is the product of a joint effort by the World Bank, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), TebodinConsultants and Engineer, and the Dutch Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM).
The DSS/IPC system comprises a set of extensive databases and a number of computation modules

2. What can DSS/IPC do?
The DSS/IPC computation modules enable a user to estimate:

Air, water, and soil waste emissions, on the basis of an inventory of economic activities for a given location.

Ambient concentrations of air and water pollutants, by using simple (screening) dispersion models with minimum meteorological and hydrological data.

Total costs of control options, by using standardized engineering-type cost functions.

Long-run marginal cost schedules for achieving a certain level of emission reduction of a chosen pollutant.

3. Who uses the DSS/IPC system?

Bank staff

Environmental agencies

Pollution engineers economists

Policy analystsOverview

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