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CerebroMix is a unique PC-based program which encompasses all the functionality of the other Cerebro products, CerebroTank, CerebroPV and CerebroMixLight. It is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the evaluation and design of mixers in vertical tanks, either pressurized or atmospheric. Using input data such as primary dimensions, fluid properties and certain desired mixing objectives, the program will output full operating conditions, critical impeller speeds, liquid level gradation, solid suspension and all system dimensions.



CerebroMix also allows the analysis of storage and process tanks, vertical or horizontal, pressurized or atmospheric. Using input data such as principal dimensions, fluid density, material, desired tank shape (including heads) and support type, the software calculates structural characteristics for both the tank and the support structure using ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and EN 13445 standards.

This software allows users and manufacturers of pressure vessels and mixers to check their equipment for various operating conditions, in order to provide a full analysis of performance, as well as risk assessment.

The program produces output in the form of a Microsoft Word Document, with all data listed in tabular form, together with a scale drawing of the tank and its support structure.

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