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Quickly and easily simulate DNA and RNA experiments on your desktop computer with an easy-to-use Windows interface.

Our claim that Visual OMP is the Industry's Best Software for DNA & RNA Analysis & Design may sound presumptuous. Here's why we believe it's true.

A unique combination of capabilities and features makes Visual OMP the world's best software for DNA & RNA analysis and design. These advantages include:


  1. Accuracy. Visual OMP uses the OMP (Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform) engine, which is based on state-of-the-art scientific research headed by nucleic acids thermodynamics expert, Dr. John SantaLucia. Derived parameters are applied to secondary structure simulation and primer/probe design to give you the most accurate results.
  2. Multiplex capability: OMP picks primers and probes which do not cross hybridize with each other and other targets, saving time, resources, and costs related with repeated optimizations.
  3. BLAST Designs: With built-in BLAST design function, OMP will automatically select primers unique to a target and against a specified genome, preventing mishybridization artifacts in your assay.
  4. CLUSTAL: Built-in CLUSTAL abilities allows the alignment of multiple, potential targets (isologs) so that one may choose regions of similarity or differences for primer/probe design.
  5. Measures Binding Efficiencies: Simulation Module simulates all secondary structures for target (optimal and suboptimal), primers (optimal and suboptimal), homodimers, target and primer heterodimers, given specified conditions. Values for Tm, dG, percent bound, and concentration for all species are presented. Most important to the bench science, OMP predicts the binding efficiency between primer/probe with target in a single or multiplex assay.
  6. Versatile applications: Users may use OMP for ANY assay involved with nucleic acid hybridization. RNA, DNA, single or multiple probe design, microarrays, TaqMan assays, genotyping, single and multiplex PCR, secondary structure simulation, sequencing, genotyping.

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