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Software - Electricity

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Turn your calculating minutes into seconds with these practical electrical calculation programs.


  • Turn your calculating minutes into seconds with these practical electrical calculation programs
  • Electrical HP for single phase, two-phase, three-phase and D.C.
  • Circular Mil
  • EMF for a D.C. generator
  • Impedance in a coil
  • Inductive Reactance
  • OHMS in a circuit
  • Voltage drop in an electrical line
  •
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    Software - Middle School

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    This program include 150 quizzes on capital cities, 120 quizzes on chemistry and the periodic table, 20 picture quizzes on astronomy, and 10 questions about the speed of light for middle and high school students.

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    Software - Chemistry

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    Enviropak is a combustion calculator and incinerator design software package.

    The main features of the software are:

    • Large database of compounds
    • User-defined mixtures
    • Streams can be any combination of compounds and mixtures
    • Composition can be specified by weight or mole fraction
    • User specifies fuel/waste flowrate, excess air, heat losses, combustor dimensions
    • Output gives combustion gas analyses, combustion temperature, combustor residence time, gas flowrates
    • Destruction efficiency can be estimated for selected compounds as function of combustion temperature and residence time
    • New compounds can be defined and Enviropak offers a range of estimation methods for important properties
    • User may use any combination of US and Metric properties



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